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Member 4: Manny Ramirez

Posted in Nawesome with tags , , , , , , , , , on April 13, 2008 by alienbun

Man Ram. Awesome being awesome. While the rest of the league was shooting HGH into their frickin asses, this bad ass mofo was selling his grill on e-bay. Oh, and smacking homeruns and knocking in runs like he was hitting the shit off a tee. He wins a world series MVP, drops some dominican knowledge on red sox nation and then upstages Leno on his own show. All this with a sweet nappy goatee and a head full of dred. It doesn’t matter if he’s in Boston or LA–He’s batting cleanup for this awesome army. Your Ritual shaving kit is in the mail. I’m sure you’ll find a spot for it somewhere in the locker that holds your mc hammer baggy uniform.